The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan post teasers for rumoured ‘mega festival’

It's rumoured to be taking place in Indio, California - the same site as Coachella - this October

The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Who and Roger Waters have all shared what appear to be teasers for the rumoured “mega festival” this October.

It has previously been reported that Goldenvoice Entertainment, the promoters behind Coachella Festival, are planning to hold the event in Indio, California – the same site as Coachella – this year between October 7-9.

Each of the five acts above has now shared an unexplained teaser video ending with the word “October” on Facebook. Scroll down to watch them all.

A sixth legendary rock act, Neil Young, is also rumoured to be on the festival’s bill, though he has yet to share a teaser. The headline acts are expected to be paid $7 million each for their sets, according to the recent reports.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey recently appeared to confirm his band for the rumoured mega festival, telling Canada’s Postmedia Network: “I think it’s us and Roger Waters on the same day. It’s a fantastic idea for a festival. It’s the greatest remains of our era.”

“I hope a lot of normal fans can get tickets before they get snatched up,” he added.

The reports have suggested that two acts will headline each night of the festival: Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney on the first, Rolling Stones and Neil Young on the second, and The Who and Roger Waters on the third.

Neil Young’s longtime manager Elliot Roberts has also spoken about the rumoured mega festival, telling The LA Times: “It’s so special in so many ways. You won’t get a chance to see a bill like this, perhaps ever again. It’s a show I look forward to more than any show in a long time.”