Red Hot Chili Peppers’ singer in brawl with Rolling Stones’ security

Anthony Kiedis fought with security who attempted to stop him entering the Four Seasons hotel in Pennsylvania

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis has been involved in a fight with The Rolling Stones‘ security after being denied access to the Four Seasons Hotel in Pennsylvania.

The singer, who was staying in the hotel at the time, lashed out at security after he was told that he temporarily could not enter the venue. It is thought that the increased security was provided in order to ensure that The Rolling Stones could make a swift exit from the venue to their car.

In a video obtained by TMZ the singer is clearly shown walking up to the hotel entrance with a female before swiftly engaging in a physical fight with the bouncer who, despite members of the public repeatedly calling out Kiedis’ identity, still refused to let him pass.

Kiedis later confirmed that he was still a big fan of the band, however, telling TMZ simply that: “I love the Rolling Stones”.

Ahead of their headline slot at Glastonbury next weekend, The Rolling Stones recently confirmed that the BBC would be broadcasting a full hour of their set. It was previously thought that the channel would only be permitted to show four songs of their highly-anticipated performance.

Speaking to BBC news, Michael Eavis explained that, “It’s taken a long time to get them to come and play. Everyone wants to see the Stones, basically. I think Mick Jagger wanted to play to the people here, rather than a TV show. They’re going to be playing for about an hour for the TV.” He also expressed worries over the size of the crowd expected to watch the legendary band’s Pyramid Stage performance on Saturday, adding that he had expanded the size of the Pyramid stage area, but that it still may prove a tight squeeze to accommodate everyone.

This year’s Glastonbury festival is to be live streamed for the first time with viewers able to watch different stages as they happen. The BBC will use the latest digital technology to allow viewers to choose from simultaneous live streams from all the major stages and has announced that over 250 hours of footage will be broadcast across the weekend.

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