Keith Richards reveals he and Jack White have recorded tracks together

Axeman also talks about the possibility of the Rolling Stones recording new material

The Rolling Stones‘ guitarist Keith Richards has revealed that he and Jack White have “recorded a couple of tracks” together and could release them in the coming months.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the legendary guitarist said that he and White had worked together and he’d be up for releasing the songs as long as White was also onboard with the idea.

He said of this: “I enjoy working with Jack. We’ve done a couple of tracks. I don’t know if [Jack] ever considered that it was actually, like, master cuts. But at the same time if Jack wanted to do it, I’d probably say, ‘Yeah.” I know Jack pretty well. He’s a lovely player.”

Richards also spoke about the possibility of recording new material with The Rolling Stones and said that the band would be meeting up in July to talk about their plans.

Speaking about this, Richards added: “We’re going to talk about that in July and see,” he said. “I mean, I’d love to get some tracks down and see what songs we’ve got. And that goes along with part of getting the band back together and getting things moving. So I’d love to cut some tracks, yeah.”

The guitarist also said he was open to the possibility of White producing The Rolling Stones, replying to a question about this by saying: “That’s always a possibility. The door is wide open.”

The Rolling Stones recently denied reports they will retire next year with a headline slot at Glastonbury.

It was reported “sources” close to the band had indicated that their Glastonbury appearance will be their final date in a “handful” of shows in the UK and USA. It was also suggested that, as it is part of the group’s 50-year anniversary, it will be seen as a good time to call it a day on live performances. However, representatives for the band have insisted there is no truth in the claim.