Mick Jagger pulls out of David Cameron hosted political event

Rolling Stones man says he felt that he was being used as a 'political football'

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has pulled out of an event due to be hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron, after complaining that he was being used as a “political football”.

Jagger was due to appear at the Davos Summit and attend a tea party at the Swiss resort as part of a campaign to promote Britain, where he would have appeared alongside other prominent figures from the UK, including the model Lily Cole and the inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

However, the singer has now said he will not appear at the event as he felt that it would lead to “a lot of comment” about his political allegiances and that he wished to remain apolitical.


He said in a statement: “During my career I have always eschewed party politics and came to Davos as a guest, as I thought it would be stimulating. I have always been interested in economics and world events. I now find myself being used as a political football and there has been a lot of comment about my political allegiances, which are inaccurate. I think it’s best I decline the invitation to the key event and curtail my visit.”

A senior government source told The Guardian about Jagger’s decision: “Clearly we are disappointed that Sir Mick doesn’t feel he can support a non-political event that promotes Britain.”

They continued: “At no point was there ever any suggestion that Sir Mick was a Conservative. He understandably wishes to remain apolitical. This is not a political event. This is simply an event that promotes British creativity abroad.”