Details of Keith Richards drug bust revealed

The police's version of accounts of the 1973 incident are released by the National Archives

Details of The Rolling Stones’s Keith Richards famous 1973 drugs bust have been released this week by the National Archives.

The guitarist faced 25 charges after a raid on his home in Chelsea, London in June 1973, but the rocker was only given a £250 fine. Richards has long claimed that the police had set him up.

The police found marijuana, heroin, Mandrax and drug paraphernalia in the house as well seizing a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver, a shotgun and 110 rounds of ammunition, reports The Guardian.

It has now been revealed that Detective Inspector Charles O’Hanlon was told by Richards at the scene that the drugs were “down to Marshall Chess” – referring to the son of the Chess record label’s boss. Richards said Chess was renting the house from them, saying: “It’s got nothing to do with us. He rents this place. We only came here last night.”

Richards then apparently tried to get rid of burnt spoons that had been used to cook up heroin, with O’Hanlon saying Richards had “ordered a manservant” to get him and his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg some drinks and unsuccessfully tried to use the spoons to stir the contents.

The guitarist then explained that the gun was bought by roadie Leroy Leonard in San Francisco, as Richards had been told he needed it for projection in Jamaica, saying: “There is some sort of trouble there and if you live there it’s best for your own protection to have one. So I decided to get one together in readiness.”

In his best selling book, Life, Richards writes that the gun was a children’s miniature made by a French nobleman in the 19th century, adding that the police tried to set him up during the trial by making out that having it was the same as owning a sawn-off shotgun.