The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards saves Isle Of Wight radio station struck by lightning

Guitarist forks out £3,000 to help 1969 music based channel

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has helped save an Isle Of Wight radio station struck by lightning.

The veteran axeman sent a cheque for £3,000 to repair Angel Radio‘s transmitter, which was knocked out by the strike in July. The station broadcasts pre-1969 music on the island.

Director Bev Webster told The Sun:

We thought the cheque was a joke. But accountants confirmed it was the real Keith Richards. I’ve written to say thanks. It is so exciting to think he might be a fan.

A spokesman for Richards apparently confirmed he made the donation but would not comment further.

His memoir ‘Life’ recently sold over one million copies. The hefty tome was released last year and The Rolling Stones guitarist was paid over $7 million (£4.3 million) as an advance for the book.

Richards also recently revealed that he has been working on a new X-pensive Winos album.