Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards ‘put his teeth back in with superglue’

Ronnie Wood also says Stones are keen to work together again

The Rolling StonesKeith Richards once put his teeth back in using superglue, according to his bandmate Ronnie Wood.

While discussing his own dental history with The Guardian, Wood claimed that the DIY approach to oral health is a “good standby”.

Speaking about his recent cosmetic dentistry, the Faces man said he turns to glue when his teeth fall out.


“Luckily, last time this one fell out Ana [Araujo, his girlfriend] had some glue in her cupboard … dental glue,” Wood explained.

Keith [Richards] did it with superglue once. It’s a good standby.”

Wood also spoke about The Rolling Stones‘ future plans, suggesting the band are keen to reconvene at some point.

“They’re evolving, all doing their own stuff. Charlie‘s [Watts] got his jazz band, he’s doing his solo stuff, Keith is contemplating his navel and playing with different people and reading, Mick [Jagger] is doing shit. But we want to work together again,” he said.

Earlier this year, The Rolling Stones denied having any “firm” plans to play live, following news of a potential new tour being made public via a lawsuit.