The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards duets with Eric Clapton at memorial concert – video

Duo play together at Hubert Sumlin gig in New York

The Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards joined Eric Clapton onstage at New York’s Apollo Theatre during the Hubert Sumlin memorial concert on Friday (February 24).

Shortly before midnight and wearing a dark blazer, long green scarf and a fedora hat, Richards walked on stage to sing with Clapton on ‘Going Down Slow’ by blues singer Howlin’ Wolf, who Hubert Sumlin played with.

Richards then played through a number of Howlin Wolf songs including ‘Little Red Rooster’, a track he covered with Rolling Stones in 1964, before strapping on a Gibson to perform ‘Spoonful’ with Clapton – scroll down and click below to view fan footage.

Rolling Stone reports that the guitarist told the crowd: “It’s good to be back. Goddamm it’s good to be back!”

It was Richards’ first major musical performance since the last Rolling Stones tour ended five years ago

The Howlin For Hubert concert was a tribute to the late blues guitarist, who died of heart failure on December 4 2011. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were vocal in their admiration for Sumlin and insisted on footing the bill for his funeral service.

At the time of Sumlin’s death, Keith Richards said: “Warm, humorous and always encouraging, (Hubert Sumlin) was a gentleman of the first order.”