Keith Richards wants Rolling Stones to record new album in April

Guitarist says he would 'love to shove' band back into studio 'hot off the road'

Keith Richards has stated that he wants The Rolling Stones to return to the studio and work on new music in April 2016.

The guitarist released his third solo album ‘Crosseyed Heart’ on September 18, with it 10 years since the group last released an album, 2005’s ‘A Bigger Bang’.

Richards had previously confirmed that all four members of the band recently met and agreed to record a new album, now telling The Sunday Times Magazine: “These guys aren’t getting any younger, but at the same time, they’re getting better. I’d love to shove them in the studio in April, hot off the road”.

The veteran musician also expressed his surprise at the band’s long career, saying: he “never thought I’d get this far”.


Richards recently denied that the band would be splitting up any time soon. “People have said we’re splitting up since every tour from about 1975,” said Richards.

“If anybody should be interested in when we’re going to quit, it should be the Stones, and they’re not particularly interested in doing so.”