Mick Jagger: ‘I spend way too much time on Facebook’

The Rolling Stone admits to being a social networking addict

Mick Jagger has confessed to spending too much time on Facebook, and too little time playing music.

Speaking to USA Today, the singer said:

I spend way too much time on the computer and not enough time playing the guitar. There’s an underlying problem of this screen life taking over all of your life. It’s easy to keep in touch with people, some of whom I wish I’d never kept in touch with. But there they are on Facebook! You can spend a lot of time on that when you should be doing something else.

The Rolling Stones singer went on to reveal that despite having a Twitter account, he doesn’t update the page himself, saying: “But, really, who does?”

Mick Jagger also quelled the rumours of a 2012 reunion show or tour for The Rolling Stones, stating that it is “not on the table”, as he has been heavily promoting SuperHeavy, his new musical project with EurythmicsDave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and composer AR Rahman.

SuperHeavy released their debut album on September 20. You can watch an in-the-studio video of them at the top of the page.