Keith Richards reveals his ‘Desert Island Discs’ – listen

Richards went old school, picking Etta James and Chuck Berry on his BBC appearance on Sunday (October 25)

Legendary guitarist with The Rolling Stones Keith Richards has appeared on the BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs’, picking his eight records to ‘take to a desert island’ in the show that’s been running since 1942.

In his role as the show’s ‘Castaway’, Richards went old-school and made some obvious nods to Stones influences along the way, picking the following eight records:

Chuck Berry – Wee Wee Hours (1955)
Hank Williams – You Win Again (1952)
Aaron Neville – My True Story (2013, but a tribute to Neville’s youth)
Etta James – Sugar On The Floor (1978)
Freddie Scott – Are You Lonely For Me (1966)
Gregory Isaacs – Extra Classic (1977)
Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra – Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (recorded 1989)
Little Walter – Key To The Highway (1958)


There are some fantastic lines from Richards during the interview, too, which you can enjoy in full below. Here are a few of the high points.

On his image:

“The image is like a ball and chain. I do love old Keith, and I do love the way people cotton on to him. It’s one part of me and a lot of that’s in the past. I’m growing up, or rather evolving. I suppose with grandchildren I suddenly realise I’m in it for the longer haul.”

On his love of instrumentation:

“I used to sit in the back of these music stores for hours holding guitars and watching people repair things, the smell of glue. From a very early age, I was into the making of instruments, not just the playing of them.”

On the foundations of his rebellion:

“The school said ‘you have to go down a year because you haven’t done your chemistry’ [because he’d spent too much time on being in choir]. There was no fairness here. Suddenly you’re 13 and you’re down with the 12-year-olds. So that’s when it started to ferment.”