Unseen Rolling Stones, Beatles photos to be unveiled at Salford exhibition

Phillip Townsend's 1960s pictures reveal ill-judged fashion choices

Previously unseen photographs of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles taken during the 1960s are set to be unveiled at an exhibition in Salford later this year.

Mister Sixties: Philip Townsend’s Portraits of a Decade is due to run at The Lowry gallery between September 18 and November 7.

The exhibition will feature shots of Mick Jagger and co wearing “naff” outfits during a shoot in Birmingham.


Townsend told the Sunday Telegraph that the “awful checked jackets” were given to the band’s manager Andrew Loog Oldham by a store on King’s Road in London.

“The boys were furious and thought the jackets were really naff, the total opposite of the tough image they were cultivating, but it was too late to find anything else. They were rather sheepish about wearing them,” he said.

A previously unseen picture of John Lennon will also be shown at the exhibition, which reveals the The Beatles‘ first meeting with spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London.

“During that meditation period, they never ate anything except fruit, and I remember John was hungry so he probably just decided to tuck into a flower,” Townsend recalled.

For more information on the exhibition, see TheLowry.com.