Nick Kent explains limited role in Keith Richards’ autobiography

Music journalist says he has been interviewed once for the project

Veteran music journalist Nick Kent has reiterated that his role in the writing of Keith Richards‘ autobiography is minimal, after parts of his recent talk at the Hay Festival were taken out of context.

Kent told NME that he was interviewed for the book once by the co-writer James Fox and is not working with the guitarist on the volume.

“I’ve not been in direct contact with any of The Rolling Stones for well over a decade,” Kent explained. “Three years ago, I gave a single interview to James Fox – the book’s real co-writer – specifically about the guitarist’s exploits during the post-‘Exile [On Main Street]’ ’70s.”

He added: “But I’m only one of many people James has interviewed and my input in the work ended there. According to James, the guitarist has an excellent memory – particularly about his childhood and the ’60s – and is using other peoples’ reminiscences to contrast with his own, rather than fill in any inconvenient memory gaps. I’ve not read the finished tome either, although I learned recently it’ll be called Life and become available in October 2010.”

Richards recently said he is waiting to sign off the proofs of the book.