Assassination attempt made on Mick Jagger

Hell's Angels tried to kill The Rolling Stones singer in 1969

The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang attempted to kill The Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger in 1969, a new radio documentary has revealed.

According to the programme, set to be broadcast today (March 3) on BBC Radio 4, members of the gang launched the attempt after Jagger’s dispute with the gang after a 1969 gig in Altamont, where the gang provided security and one person died of stab wounds.

The documentary reveals that following the dispute, the gang concocted a plan to kill the singer, targeting him at his holiday home on New York’s Long Island.

Programme maker Tom Mangold explained that the gang members attempted to reach Jagger by sea, but a storm caused their vessel to capsize and they never got near the star. They were thrown overboard, but all survived.

It is not clear whether Jagger has known about the assassination attempt up until now.