Mick Jagger’s sympathy for new bands

Rolling Stone says its tougher for new artists than in the 60s

Mick Jagger has spoken out about how hard it is for emerging bands to break when there is so much competition on social networking sites.

In an interview with MySpace TV The Rolling Stones singer said he thought things are harder for new artists now than they were in the 1960s.

However, Jagger believes the modern world is a better place for music fans.

“It’s very easy now to discover music because there you have all this access to it. In the ’60s, it was very hard and very expensive,” explained The Rolling Stones‘ frontman. “I don’t remember because it was so long ago, but I remember it being very difficult to find anything that wasn’t in the mainstream of top-selling music. Outside of that it was very hard to find things.”

However, he believed the variety of choice made it harder for new acts.

“It’s easier to get yourself known in some ways. But there’s so much competition, there’s so many bands,” Jagger noted. “How do you make yourself stick out? Apart from being a brilliant musician, very good looking and a brilliant performer.”