The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts: ‘I didn’t like watching ‘Shine A Light”

Drummer explains that he wanted to leave the documentary screening early

The Rolling Stones‘ drummer Charlie Watts has explained that he wanted to leave early during a screening of the new documentary film about his band by Martin Scorsese.

The drummer also revealed that he didn’t enjoy seeing flashback footage in ‘Shine A Light’, although he had praise for it overall.

Speaking to BBC 6Music he said: “He [Scorsese] uses a bit of flashback which I don’t really like much, ‘cos I don’t like seeing myself 40 years ago saying something stupid! How good it is, I’ve got no idea. To look at it’s great. Mick [Jagger] looks fantastic and the theatre is great.

“We were in the posh bit [during a screening at the Berlin Film Festival recently], but in the front, so you can’t get up and leave ‘cos everyone’s looking at you. So we had to sit through it, but actually about five minutes from the end I thought, ‘OK, that’s enough’.”