Rolling Stones top US tour figures

Band score most successful jaunt for second year running

Rolling Stones have scored the most successful tour in North America for the second year running.

The veteran rockers’ ‘A Bigger Bang’ jaunt clocked up $138.5m (£70.6m) for 39 concerts, playing to around one million people.

The figures come after the band recently topped the bill for the highest grossing global tour of 2006, taking in $437 million dollars (£223 million) worldwide.

Barbara Streisand‘s North American tour came in second place, clocking up $92.5m (£47m) from 20 shows, according to US trade magazine Pollstar.

Other acts in the top 25 highest grossing tours included Coldplay, The Who and Madonna, who pulled in $88.8m (£45.2m) despite charging around $184 (£93) a ticket.

Rolling Stones’s current tour which kicked off in 2005, was also the most successful North American tour last year, grossing $162m (£94m) worth of tickets, playing 42 performances before 1.2m people.