Serbian activists oppose Rolling Stones gig

Animal rights group call for relocation of Belgrade show

Animal rights protesters in Belgrade are opposing plans to hold The Rolling Stones concert at the city’s Hippodrome, saying it will cause immense distress to the 300 horses housed there.

ORCA, Serbia’s largest animal protection society, are lobbying to have the show moved to another venue, as loud noise and vibration are proven to be a major source of upset for animals.

Plans are afoot to sedate horses that may panic during the concert, an intention that has enraged animal lovers in Serbia. Moving the horses to another location would also cause distress to the animals.

If ORCA fails to convince organisers to move the concert to another venue, they plan to contact the band themselves.

The show, which is scheduled to be The Rolling Stones‘ first Serbian show, is set to take place on July 14. Two previous shows planned for the country were cancelled.

–By our New York staff.

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