Rolling Stones quash ‘retirement’ rumours

Mick Jagger says band will tour and record

The Rolling Stones have quashed rumours they are to retire.

Singer Mick Jagger has said that he plans to continue recording and touring with the band.

He said: “I’m sure the The Rolling Stones will do more things and more records and more tours. We’ve got no plans to stop any of that really. As far as I’m concerned I’m sure we’ll continue.”

Jagger added that he would use his “own judgement” to decide when it was time to stop.

He said: “The trouble is, when you get older or you smoke a lot your voice changes. As a singer you know you can’t go to certain notes. But that is not everything, it’s the express you put into it.”

Jagger also said he wasn’t that keen to headlining Glastonbury on the Sunday night.

He said: “I don’t want to play Glastonbury on the Sunday night in the pouring rain, which is what The Who did this year.

“I was watching it on the telly, and my kids were there. I’m on the phone saying, ‘It’s awful.’ They said it was really fun, but it didn’t look fun to me.”

Of Amy Winehouse he told the BBC: “I think everyone goes through this sort of thing when they become very famous. Hopefully Amy will come out of this the other side with equanimity and a new lease of life.”