Fans react to Keith Richards ‘snorting dad’ story

The Rolling Stones legend's comment has you all talking

NME’s Keith Richards exclusive – that he had snorted the ashes of his father – has got fans on NME.COM talking.

As previously reported the story of The Rolling Stones‘ guitarist has become an international talking point.

Fans of the star have reacted in a variety of ways.

David Edwards said: “Y’know, that man has done it all, why should it be a surprise? In this day of plastic scenesters and throwaway rock icons, it’s easy to forget what a true legend of all that is rock ‘n’ roll that Mr Richards is. If I was cremated, I can think of worse ways to go than be snorted by Keith ….”

Meanwhile Kreg has the following enterprising idea.

He said : “Now that Keith snorted his dad, I think this should be become an accepted practice in our society. A sort of rite of passage. There’s nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon. You supply your own dad, and the government should supply the coke.”

Sarah Critcher posed this thought: “(Coming) from the world’s most famous living corpse! Perhaps that is his secret to eternal life? Snort ashes of dead relatives, live forever…?”

Meanwhile Donal O’Donnell wrote: “Close friends did always say he had a bit of his dad in him!”

To read the full transcript of the interview the world is talking about go here.