The Rolling Stones named top earning music act of 2007

Bigger Bang Tour reaps the rewards for Mick Jagger and co

The Rolling Stones have been named the top earning music act of the year so far.

The list, compiled by US business publication Forbes, ranked the band in poll position.

The Rolling Stones made $88m (£43m) between June 2006 and June this year, largely from their Bigger Bang tour which grossed $437m (£217m).

Meanwhile, US rapper Jay-Z came second on the list with a total income of $83m (£41m).

Third place went to singer Madonna, who took home total earnings of $72m (£35m).

The full top 10 music earners is as follows:

1. The Rolling Stones – $88m

2. Jay-Z – $83m

3. Madonna – $72m

4. Bon Jovi – $67m

5. Sir Elton John – £53m

6. Celine Dion – $45m

7. Tim McGraw – $37m

8. 50 Cent – $33m

9. U2 – $30m

10. P Diddy – $23m