Keith Richards hates hip-hop

You can forget about a Rolling Stones rap collaboration it seems

The Rolling StonesKeith Richard has declared he hates hip-hop.

The guitarist explained his dislike the genre for its vocal delivery and computer-aided beats.

“Hip-hop leaves me cold. But there are some people out there who think it’s the meaning of life,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “I don’t wanna be yelled at, I wanna be sung to.”

“I never really understood why someone would want to have some gangster from LA poking his fingers in your face,” he added. “As I say, it don’t grab me. I mean the rhythms are boring – they’re all done on computers.”

Richards’ comments follow an eventful few months for the guitarist.

He told NME.COM he snorted some of his father’s ashes, causing a worldwide media sensation.

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