The Rolling Stones top US rich list

The band's 'A Bigger Bang' makes millions

The Rolling Stones have topped the US music rich list for the second year running.

The rock veterans clocked up $150.6m (£76.2 million) over 2006, the majority of which was made from their ‘A Bigger Bang’ tour.

The figures, which are compiled by album, digital and US concert sales, come despite the fact that some of the tour was temporarily postponed after guitarist Keith Richards fell out of a tree and needed brain surgery.

The results come less than a month after the band also scored the most successful tour in North America for the second year running, for 39 concerts, playing to around one million people.

The Stones recently topped the bill for the highest grossing global tour of 2006, taking in $437 million dollars (£223 million) worldwide.

Second in the rich list, compiled by Forbes magazine, were Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, with a combined fortune of $132m (£67.2 million).

Madonna also finished fourth, with her ‘Confessions’ tour clocking up the the bulk of her $96.8m (£49.1 million) fortune.