Top Of The Pops bows out

The musical institution ends its 42 year run

Top Of The Pops has bid its final farewell after 42 years of broadcast on British TV.

The one-hour special was presented by a clutch of former hosts and brought clips of some of the memorable moments from the show’s record-busting run.

Tonight’s programme started as the first had – with veteran Sir Jimmy Saville hosting and black and white footage of the Rolling Stones performing.

“Forty-two years ago I said welcome on the very first Top of the Pops… but it belongs to the world now, they are going to carry the Top of the Pops banner,” said Sir Jimmy.

On that occasion, The Stones played ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’. However, the BBC lost the tape – according to Saville – and this time featured footage of them playing ‘The Last Time’ from 1965.

Hosts from across the years mixed on air during the show – veterans like Tony Blackburn and Dave Lee Travis with more contemporary faces like Edith Bowman.

There was a strange selection of songs broadcast – distilled from the 13,000 plus that have been aired over the years. David Bowie doing ‘Starman’ was shown as was Madonna performing ‘Like A Virgin’ and Robbie Williams doing ‘Let Me Entertain You’ from 1998.

There was also a series of tantalising glimpses of some of rock’s legends. The Faces, The Who, Marc Bolan, Blondie, Oasis, Prince and Eminem all appeared for a few seconds before disappearing again.

The studio was also decorated using many of the old logos from across the years.

After Shakira was named number one, the show ended with Jimmy Saville walking backstage and, shaking his head, switching off the lights.