The Rolling Stones rule the roost in USA

They were the biggest-selling act of 2005

The Rolling Stones were the top-selling music act in the US in 2005.

According to business magazine Forbes, the veteran rockers generated $168m (£96.7m) in record and concert ticket sales last year – $18m (£10m) more than their nearest rivals, U2. Both toured the US extensively.

Country singer Kenny Chesney came third in the list with $110m (£63m) in sales.

Green Day came fourth with combined sales of $99m (£57m), followed by reformed ’70s band The Eagles with $84m (£48m).

Sir Paul McCartney, Celine Dion and rapper 50 Cent also feature in the Top Ten.

A Forbes spokesperson said, “In The Stones‘ case, as with many of the acts that made the year’s Top Ten, the fact that the group doesn’t sell much music is irrelevant. Their big money came almost entirely from touring.”

The Forbes poll is based on data provided by concert trade magazine Pollstar and music analysts Nielsen Soundscan.