'Charlie Is My Darling' looks back on the band's mid-60's rise to global superstars....

Legendary ROLLING STONES svengali

ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM made a rare appearance in Ireland last night (May 3), when he travelled to BELFAST to present the first official screening of a STONES concert film from the mid


Oldham introduced ‘Charlie Is My Darling’, a 50-minute film that captures the Stones over a few days in September 1965 playing shows in Belfast,

Cork and Dublin. A

behind the scenes documentary filmed entirely on hand-held camera, it also included early performancesof classics such as ‘Get Off Of MyCloud’ and ‘Satisfaction’ and interviews with the five original members.

After the film, Oldham took questions from the audience. He talked about early days with The Rolling Stones, his love for [a][/a] and how

he felt the record industry had badly treated

Richard Ashcroft.


and his band The Verve

famously sampled a version of

‘The Last Time’ as recorded by

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra on

‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, a Number Two hit in 1997.

Of his return to Ireland, Oldham said: “I’ve always

loved Ireland. The land is cut better and people walk

well above it.”

Decca Records will re-release

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra album,

‘The Rolling Stones Songbook’, on May

10. The LP contains instrumental versions of many