The wrinkly rockers' 'Licks' jaunt pulls in close to $300 million...

THE ROLLING STONES were the highest grossing touring act of 2003, pulling in $299.5 million and playing to over 3.4 million people during their ‘LICKS’ jaunt, which wound up in ZURICH on October 2.

The rockers were closely followed by Eagles ($181.7 million) and Cher ($76.3 million).

Michael Cohl of TGA Entertainment – producers of the Stones‘ ‘Licks’ tour – said: “We’re never that aggressive in our projections. It always nice when you come up with an idea, go through rehearsals, go up with the first dates on sale, then start playing the shows, and maybe it works.”

According to Billboard, the top ten was also occupied by Fleetwood Mac ($69.2 million), Dixie Chicks ($62.2 million), [a][/a] ($53.7 million), Dave Matthews Band ($52.6 million), Aerosmith and Kiss ($50 million), Metallica‘s Summer Sanitarium ($48.5 million) and Billy Joel and Elton John ($45.8 million).

As previously reported on NME.COM, not only have Rolling Stones achieved the highest grossing tour of 2003, but also put ‘Licks’ as the second highest grossing tour of all time.

The band were only beaten by their own record, which saw the 1994-95 ‘Voodoo Lounge’ tour gross $320 million.