Keith Richards discharged from hospital

The Rolling Stones guitarist thanks doctors

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards has been discharged from hospital after suffering a head injury.

His publicist has confirmed that the star is no longer in the New Zealand hospital, though he will remain as an outpatient, returning for regular check-ups.

Richards is believed to have fallen out of a tree while holidaying in Fiji.

In a statement the guitarist has thanked: “the doctors” and “the beautiful ladies who make painful nights less painful and shorter… many thanks, Kiwis”.

He added: “I hope I wasn’t too much of a pain in the arse – after all, it was my head that was fixed.”

As previously reported, Richards had an operation on Monday (May 8) to drain a blood clot from his skull.

The European leg of The Rolling Stones‘A Bigger Bang’ tour, due to start in Barcelona on May 27, has been put back until June.