The Rolling Stones have grossed over £225 million on tour since 2012

Legendary band are currently midway through their 15-date 'Zip Code' tour of North Americs

The Rolling Stones have grossed over £225 million from live shows since 2012, according to a new report.

The legendary band resumed touring in 2012 following a five-year hiatus, playing 30 shows across Europe and North America on their ’50 & Counting’ tour, including a well-received headline set at Glastonbury Festival in 2013. The band then hit the road again last year (2014) for the ’14 On Fire’ tour, which took in 29 dates across Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Last month (May) they kicked off the ‘Zip Code’ tour of North America, which will feature 15 shows stretching into mid-July. According to Billboard, collected ticket revenue from these three tours now totals a massive $360 million, or roughly £228 million.

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Although they have approached touring with renewed vigour in recent years, The Rolling Stones haven’t released a new studio album since 2005’s ‘A Bigger Bang’. However, Keith Richards has recently hinted that the band may soon return to the studio to work on a new LP.

“Funny you should mention [recording],” Richards said in an interview earlier this month (June). “Just last week, the word ‘studio’ popped up while we were rehearsing. I said, ‘Well, let’s find a time. I’m ready’.”

Meanwhile, the band recently revealed a previously unreleased recording of their iconic hit ‘Brown Sugar’, with the newly-unearthed alternate version featuring none other than Eric Clapton. Listen to it here.