The star alleged that police tried to plant a 'white powder' on him...

Mick Jagger alleged that police tried to plant a ‘white powder’ on him during the 1960s.

According to papers released by the National Archives in west London, Mick Jagger‘s home was raided in May 1969 by the local drugs squad, where cannabis was discovered.

But it transpires that the [url=]Rolling Stones singer claimed that the head of the local drugs squad, Detective Sergeant Robin Constable, tried to plant the powder – thought to be heroin – in a folded up piece of paper he produced from a box inside the house.

Some weeks later, according to the BBC, Mick Jagger said in a statement: “I think he put the box down and opened the folded paper. He said ‘Ah, ah, we won’t have to look much further. As I got to him he showed me the paper and I saw it contained some white powder.”

The claim of the attempted plant and an attempted £1000 bribe formed the basis of the singer’s defence after being charged for cannabis possession. He was found guilty, fined £200 and charged 50 guineas in court costs.

At the subsequent investigation, Detective Inspector William Wilson dismissed the claims saying it came down to Mick Jagger‘s word against Constable’s.

He noted: “[a][/a] is an intelligent young man, and doubtless is on the fringe, if not embroiled in the world of users of dangerous drugs.” Constable, in contrast, was found to be a “hard working and competent police officer”.