The former Stones bassist wants the scribe to stop using his name...

Former ROLLING STONES bassist BILL WYMAN has threatened a journalist called BILL WYMAN in AMERICA with legal action if he does not stop using his name.

The rock veteran’s solicitors sent a letter to Atlanta Constitution-Journal writer Wyman ordering him to “cease and desist” using his own name.

Wyman, the journalist, has been a pop writer for over 20 years, and has reviewed the Stones on four tours since 1981. Wyman, the bass player, left the band in 1993.

The bassist, who was born William George Perks in 1936, started using the name Wyman in 1963, and changed it by deed poll the following year. The journalist was born in 1961.

The letter from Wyman’s solicitor said: “I must ask that you immediately cease and desist from authorising or permitting any such use of our client’s name.” According to the journalist, he was told he would be allowed to use his own name if he could prove that he had come by it legally and added a disclaimer to everything he writes in future, “clearly indicating that [you are] not the same Bill Wyman who was a member of the Rolling Stones“.

He says he is now considering using “Not That” Bill Wyman as his by-line on future articles.

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