Andrew Loog Oldham flies from Bogota to London to check out the band...

Former ROLLING STONES producer and manager ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM is working with GLASGOW outfit V-Twin after jetting in from his home in BOGOTA, COLUMBIA, to see them play a gig in LONDON last week.

The legendary manager, producer and former press officer for The Beatles had been in email contact with [a][/a] frontman Jason McPhail for some months, and had told him that his friend, photographer Gered Mankowitz, was planning to come along to their gig at London’s Barfly last Thursday (October 23).

But 15 minutes before they went onstage, Oldham himself turned up. “I thought, ‘Fucking surely not!’,” McPhail told NME.COM. “I asked him what he was doing there and he said he’d just decided to get a flight from Bogota to see us. That’s a really fucking lovely thing to do, it’s just the kind of encouragement we need.”


He decided to return to Glasgow with the band after the gig, is spending ten days in the city with them, and is now planning to produce some songs for them. “We are talking about possibly recording in Glasgow and at his home in Bogota, and do some stuff in New York as well.

“To be honest it’s a shot in the arm we needed,” he continued. “After our album (‘The Blues Is A Minefield’) came out, I had no idea if we were going do another one, we needed to think about moving forward and trying to figure out how to do it. We knew we’d have to get a producer in, and that’s a difficult thing. If Oldham’s enthusiastic enough to fly in from South America to turn up in London, which he hates, to see us play, and wants to work with us, that’s great.

“He’s a real diamond, really nice, dead easy to get on with. Pretty far out, but you would be far out if you were The Beatles’ PR and you made the first six Rolling Stones albums!”