Find out how you can get hold of a piece of rock n' roll history...

Tiles from the swimming pool in which ROLLING STONES guitarist BRIAN JONES died are up for sale.

The 320 tiles are being sold through the late star’s official fanclub website at £105 (US$175) each. The fanclub is hoping to use money raised from the sale to erect a statue of Jones in his hometown of Cheltenham.

The tiles became available when the fans discovered that Alastair and Harriet Johns, the new owners of the house at Cotchford Farm in Hartfield, Sussex (formerly owned by Winnie The Poo creator A.A Milne) decided to renovate the pool, forcing the removal of the six-inch-square blue ceramic tiles. They approached the couple with their statue idea and not only did the pair happily hand over the tiles, they also agreed to donate an additional £10 to the statue fund for every one sold.

To date, 140 tiles have been snapped up.

Jones was found dead in the pool on July 3 1969, his death ruled due to a drug overdose.