A UK tabloid reports that the frontman is the spanner in the works - and Keef is not happy...

A proposed ROLLING STONES tour will now not take place this summer because frontman MICK JAGGER wants to produce more films, it has been reported.

A source close to the band told UK tabloid The Sun that although the band were looking to play shows in the US and Britain later in the year, they will now not take place.

The source said: “Keith (Richards) loves touring and is pissed off to say the least. He gets restless when he is not on the road but Mick has told the rest of the band he’s too busy with film stuff.

“He seems more interested in the film business now and we are all worried that it might be it as far as touring is concerned. Mick said he might tour next year but it is all up in the air.”

Jagger has his own film production company called Jagged Films, who have recently completed the film ‘Enigma’, starring Kate Winslet.

A UK spokesperson for the band was unavailable for comment this morning (March 29).