Mick Jagger predicted UK election results, claims Conservatives’ political adviser

Jim Messina reveals that the Rolling Stones frontman told him that David Cameron would win the general election

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger allegedly correctly predicted the results of the UK general election, according to political advisor Jim Messina.

Messina served as the campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 re-election and recently worked as a senior adviser to the Conservative Party. Writing in Politico Magazine, Messina claimed that Jagger foresaw the Tories’ surprising majority win.

“One of the savviest political observers I’ve come across is Mick Jagger,” Messina writes. “I was invited to a dinner that included the legendary rocker in London before the British election (I took about 9,000 selfies), when I discovered that Mick has been a bit of a political junkie his whole life.”


He adds, “While he’s on tour he has a lot of down time, which he spends reading, he explained to me, and I learned that he’s become a master observer not only of UK politics but of the American political scene as well (although he’s not an activist and doesn’t take sides). ‘You’re going to win,’ Mick told me at dinner, despite some polls showing that my client, Prime Minister David Cameron, was still trailing in the race. ‘Why do you think so?’ I asked. Mick replied that while he wasn’t supporting any candidate himself, ‘the average guy thinks Cameron makes tough decisions and things are getting a bit better. They won’t change from that.’ The opposition [Labour’s Ed Miliband], Jagger explained, was perceived as a retreat to the past. Mick was right, of course.”

Following the resignation of Cameron’s opponent, Ed Miliband, Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham recently quoted lyrics by The Courteeners on Twitter. The Shadow Health Secretary recited the words from the group’s 2010 single ‘Take Over The World’, writing, “I’m only a paperboy from the North West. But I can scrub up well in my Sunday best,” before adding that he “loves” the band.

Scroll below to see Maximo Park discussing the “worrying” general election results and what it means for Britain in a video interview with NME.

Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones remembered late blues guitarist BB King during a Twitter Q&A with fans on Monday (May 18).

Jagger and co held their first-ever Q&A on the social networking site ahead next month’s re-release of their ‘Sticky Fingers’ LP. They were asked by fans for their memories of King, who passed away in his sleep last Thursday (May 14), after suffering a series of small strokes related to his type 2 diabetes.

“I was just looking at a picture of me and BB backstage at Madison Square Garden [in 1969],” Jagger told fans. “He played with us at a lot of gigs on that tour. We last played with him in a blues concert at the White House. It’s sad. He had such a huge, long career. It’s sad that we won’t be listening to him live anymore.”


Keith Richards added by describing King as “one of the greats”, continuing, “BB was a great guy. He was one of the true gentlemen, and I shall miss him a lot. At least we have his records. Farewell, BB.”

When asked for his favourite BB King song, Jagger said, “He had so many recordings. It’s difficult to choose.”