Mick Jagger impersonator to represent the UK at Eurovision 2015

Alex Larke fronts The Rollin' Clones

Alex Larke, the 35-year-old lead singer of Rolling Stones tribute act The Rollin’ Clones, will be the UK’s entrant at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Vienna in May.

Larke will perform the track ‘Still in Love With You’ alongside Bianca Nicholas as part of the newly-formed double act Electro Velvet. Click above to see him in action as Mick Jagger.

“I feel incredibly privileged and humbled to be representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, for this massively historic 60th anniversary event,” Larke told the BBC. “We have a fantastic song and will work as hard as is humanly possible to bring the contest home and make our great nation proud. It’s time to get this party started! See you in Vienna!”

Larke has toured the world with The Rollin’ Clones , who have assured fans his Eurovision commitments won’t mean the end of the group. In addition, the singer has recorded a solo album, titled ‘Larger Than Life’. 26-year-old Bianca appeared on The Voice last year, but was not selected by the judges.

Written by David Mindel and Adrian Bax, ‘Still in Love With You’ is described as an “up tempo electro-swing track”.

The real Rolling Stones, meanwhile, are to return to playing live, with shows in the US set to take place this summer. Guitarist Ronnie Wood let the information slip while speaking to Billboard last month.

Asked about the possibility of seeing the band live again, Wood is quoted as saying: “Yeah, we had a meeting in New York with the boys and we’re gonna come [to] North America again in the summer.”