The Script help rescue woman from car crash

The incident happened on the M40 in Buckinghamshire

The Script helped rescue a woman involved in a car accident on the M40 in Buckinghamshire.

The accident involved a car with a female driver that hit the central reservation and span out of control, leaving the car severely damaged and the engine emitting large amounts of smoke.

Upon witnessing the accident, Irish band The Script – who were driving to a gig in Manchester – went to help the woman and pulled her out of the vehicle.


As the BBC reports, singer Danny O’Donohue then told Key103 about his involvement with the event.

“You’re never going to move somebody from an accident but if there’s smoke coming from the engine then you want to get them out as quick as possible,” he told the Manchester radio station. “The girl said she couldn’t feel her legs. She was so weak, so we helped her to the side of the road, sat her down, put a jacket around her, gave her some drink and waited for the ambulance.”

He added: “It’s all in a day’s work.”

The band also said, meanwhile, that the woman had requested a photo before being taken off in an ambulance.