The Sherlocks’ Kiaran Crook: “I think we could be the pioneers of guitar music when our new album drops”

The Yorkshire four-piece are set to release their debut record, 'Live For The Moment', in August

The Sherlocks frontman Kiaran Crook has declared that his band can become “the pioneers of guitar music” when their debut album drops later this year.

The South Yorkshire quartet will release their debut LP, ‘Live For The Moment’, on August 18. The band previewed the new album through its lead single, ‘Chasing Shadows’, late last month – watch the live video for the track below.


Speaking to NME about the forthcoming release of ‘Live For The Moment’, Crook expressed his soaring confidence in the band’s new album by claiming that it will help reinvigorate guitar music and put The Sherlocks at the vanguard of the genre. Referring to Arctic Monkeys‘ sensational rise to the top in 2005, Crook said that the time was right for guitar music’s next surge in popularity.

“With our band especially, maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it seems to come around every ten years,” Crook said. “Every ten years there seems to be a bit of thing like Oasis and Blur, and then it goes through something else a bit quiet. Then the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs come out, and then [now] we’ve gone into a bit of a dance thing. I genuinely think we’re going back into a guitar phase, where there’s been a couple of bands come out – but it’s not quite where it needs to be.

“I think we’re going to be well up there,” he continued. “I think we could be the pioneers of guitar music when this album drops. We’ve spoken about this so many times – there are some good bands out there, and it is frustrating. But I do think it’s going to come back strongly, and I think that when we drop our album that it’s going to help massively. Guitar bands are going to be popular again for a while, and then it’ll probably die down. We certainly feel at the minute like [we’re] the face of guitar music as far as upcoming bands go.”

Describing ‘Live For The Moment’ as “a banger that makes you want to kick in the front door,” Crook theorised that his band had done things “the smart way” by not releasing their debut album too soon.

“There have been a lot of bands who have been releasing albums prematurely, and they’re not getting what they deserve. There are some good albums out there, but they’re released too early and [artists] don’t spend enough time building,” he said. “Whereas we’ve always been one of those bands where, when we do release our debut, it’s done [to generate] the absolute maximum attention possible. We’ve built it up to a point where people are getting frustrated and wondering if we are actually going to bring an album out – [so that] when we do release it, people will be over the moon.


“For a first album, I’d say we’re just enjoying ourselves,” he continued about the debut record. “When we made it down at Rockfield [Studios in Wales], we just tried as many sounds [as possible] and made it really exciting. We’ve always believed in these songs and we just wanted it to be a little bit different. I think people will listen to it and think, ‘Bloody hell there’s some good ideas in there.’ It’s supposed to hint at what’s to come in the future.”

Crook also spoke of the band’s excitement at the prospect of supporting Kings of Leon on the Nashville band’s forthcoming UK arena tour. Set to play support slots on the Manchester and Sheffield dates (June 9 and 10 respectively), Crook said they’ll be looking to seize the huge opportunity with both hands.

“We just treat [these support slots] as festivals, [like how] you get a shorter slot and it’s just your big chance to win over fans,” he said. “We’re just going to go out and smash it to be honest. There’s not a lot of pressure, we’re just going to out and just smash it. We’ve played maybe three arena dates supporting The Libertines, so we know how it feels to do arenas now – and it’s surprisingly easier that what you think.

“[Arenas are] where we want to end up – even bigger, stadiums!” Crook continued about the band’s live ambitions. “Realistically, I think we’re going to be smashing arenas as soon as we release a couple of albums. We’re just going to enjoy it and embrace it all.”

The Sherlocks will set out on their own UK headline tour in September – see those tour dates below.

September 14 –Newcastle, Newcastle Uni
September 15 – Nottingham, Rock City
September 19 – Glasgow, O2 ABC
September 20 –Bristol, SWX
September 21 – Southampton, 1865
September 22 – London, Heaven