The Shins share teaser of new music

The Albuquerque six-piece are gearing up for their first release in four years

The Shins have teased more new music ahead of their much-anticipated fifth album.

The band haven’t put out a full-length record since 2012’s ‘Port Of Morrow’, but frontman James Mercer confirmed last week that they were putting the finishing touches to a new album.

Anticipation for new material was ramped up earlier today after The Shins’ official Facebook page shared a teaser clip of what appears to be a clip from a new song. Entitled ‘The Fear’, the 10-second clip features a psychedelic backdrop as reverb-drenched vocals play over the top – the lyrics “squanders the deal” can be made out.

Watch the clip below.

This isn’t the first time that the band have teased new music: back in April, they previewed a new song in the same seconds-long format, with a backdrop of clouds accompanying the short snippet of music. It was first piece of new music to emerge from the band since 2014, when they contributed ‘So Now What’ to the soundtrack of Zach Braff film Wish I Was Here.