Danger Mouse to team up with The Shortwave Set again

Gnarls Barkley man will work on the Londoners' third album

Danger Mouse is set to produce The Shortwave Set‘s third album, following his work on their recent release ‘Replica Sun Machine’.

According to frontman Andy Pettitt, the producer had so much fun recording their second album that he’s keen to hook up again with the three-piece.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Pettitt said: “Danger Mouse mentioned it before we did about doing another record, because I think he had a lot of fun making our album and this was obviously really great to hear – that he’d had fun more than anything else, and that he was proud of it.

“People are curious about how a band like us, not the obvious band, would immediately get a phone call from a big American record producer -and I think it has definitely had an impact on the way people have regarded us.”

The band hope to start recording their more “direct” third album by the winter, despite only releasing ‘Replica Sun Machine’ this May, but aren’t sure when Danger Mouse will come in to make his mark on it.

“He is a busy man,” explained Pettitt, “and, to be honest, we haven’t sat down and completely nailed down any scheduling on it. It’s still a bit early to do that, but it was the same last time, he was working on x, y, z. But he never takes holidays.”