Luke Steele writes a movie script about "a crazy guy who imagines crazy people in his body"...

The Sleepy Jackson’s LUKE STEELE is working on a film script.

The singer told Australian news service Undercover about the project. He said: “It’s about a crazy guy who imagines crazy people in his body. In his lungs there are accordion players and in his ears there are guys with a mixing desk.

“These people are the people that he meets in the street which he thinks are his friends but they aren’t actually real. He finds that out when he dies and goes to heaven and sees on a security camera that they weren’t real. He gets into heroin after breaking up with his girlfriend. Then he gets possessed and ends up dying and goes to heaven and sees his whole life replayed and sees all the different things he didn’t see when he was living. It is about the interaction with you and the people inside your head.”

Steele follows in the footsteps of Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, who is also working on a movie. His is about Christmas on Mars.

The Sleepy Jackson play an NME Awards Show on February 11 at the London Astoria.

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