As part of Rough Trade's 25th anniversary celebrations, you can see previously unseen live footage and rare backstage moments from the seminal group's 1984 tour...

THE SMITHS will feature in an exclusive webcast as part of the ROUGH TRADE 25th Anniversary celebrations, with previously unseen live footage from their 1984 tour and rare backstage moments captured on film being premiered today (March 5).

For the next five days, a handful of songs will be available to view at [url=], with the full 52-minute film being streamed on Friday (March 9). The segmented webcasts continue for four weeks.

The gig footage comes from Sheffield Town Hall, and features Smiths classics including ‘This Charming Man’, ‘Hand In Glove’, ‘What Difference Does It Make?’, ‘Reel Around The Fountain’ and ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’, while backstage clips – including Johnny Marr giving Morrissey a guitar lesson, pre-show nerves and post-gig banter – were recorded at various venues on that tour.


The film – titled ‘Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths Live In ’84)’ – was recorded as a souvenir for the band and roadies on the tour. Live footage was filmed using two hand-held cameras and only one copy of the VHS is believed to have survived. Brief clips from it were used in the video for 1985 single ‘How Soon Is Now?’.

The webcast will serve as an endpiece to the Rough Trade 25th Anniversary celebrations, which have included live performances by Beth Orton, Evan Dando, Tindersticks and Mark Eitzel, and closed last night (March 4) with Shawn Lee headlining a show at London 93ft East.

Full tracklisting from the Sheffield Town Hall live film is:

‘Instrumental track (unknown)’

‘Reel Around The Fountain’

‘Barbarism Begins At Home’


‘Still Ill’

‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’

‘Hand in Glove’

‘This Charming Man’

‘What Difference Does It Make?’

‘Back To The Old House’

‘Handsome Devil’

The Smiths’ ‘Hand In Glove’ is included on the ‘Rough Trade Shops 25 Years’ compilation, released through Mute today (March 5).

For more details on the 25th Anniversary celebrations and artists included on the album, [url=]Click here.