The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce slams Marks & Spencer’s ‘Percy Pig’ sweets

Sticksman posts a series of angry messages

Former Smiths drummer Mark Joyce has criticised food chain Marks & Spencer over their line of chewie sweets, ‘Percy Pig’.

The sticksman claims that, while a vegetarian option is available, the standard ‘Percy Pig’ sweet “does in fact contain bits of Percy’s skin, bone, ligaments etc.”

He shared his anger over a series of lengthy Facebook posts, questioning the company’s continuation of the gelatin line even though a vegetarian thickening agent is available.


Joyce wrote: “I know that a lot of sweet products and deserts contain some form of animal derivative but how many children know, or are made aware of the fact, that the ‘Percy Pig’ sweet they are eating does in fact contain bits of Percy’s skin, bone, ligaments etc.

“I also see that you don’t advertise the non veggie ones with, ‘contains real pigs’! I’m sure kids would rather eat a sweet called ‘Percy Pig’ that didn’t contain bits of dead pig?” You can read the posts in full below.

In a follow-up post, he clarified he wasn’t crusading to have gelatin removed from all products – “but to sell a product that’s primarily aimed at children with the jovially named, ‘Percy Pig’ to indeed contain dead pigs just doesn’t seem right.”

Last month, The Smiths teamed up with animal rights group PETA for a new online video game inspired by their song ‘Meat Is Murder’.


The retro arcade-style game is called The Beautiful Creature Must Die and has been made in collaboration with This Is Pop.

The game allows players to save animals from slaughter, all set to an 8-bit soundtrack of the band’s iconic 1985 track.

Play the game beneath.

In a press release, Morrissey says: “This game is the biggest social crusade of all, as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression. You don’t get that from Pokémon Go.”

Morrissey recently said that reuniting The Smiths “doesn’t make sense any more“.