Smiths tribute band release new song ‘This Charming Ham’ following David Cameron dead pig claims

The Iain Duncan Smiths reimagine Smiths songs with a political angle

A Smiths tribute band have recorded a new version of ‘This Charming Man’, titled ‘This Charming Ham, in wake of recent allegations made about British PM David Cameron.

Allegations that Cameron put a private part of his anatomy in the mouth of a dead pig while at university are part of a new book written by the Conservative donor, Lord Ashcroft.

Ashcroft’s unofficial biography of Cameron is titled Call Me Dave and involves claims that an MP has seen photographic evidence of the PM putting a private part of his body into a dead pig’s head as part of a Piers Gaveston Society initiation ritual at Oxford University.

The Iain Duncan Smiths, an Iain Duncan Smith-themed tribute band to The Smiths, have capitalised on the global news story with a new version of the Morrissey and Johnny Marr song. Lyrics in the new version of the song include: “Watch as I suckle the decapitated head / Of a pig that has not long been dead”.

Listen below. The band recently released a similar song called ‘Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again’.

The Iain Duncan Smiths repurpose songs by The Smiths into satirical, political songs with titles including ‘How Soon Is NWO?’, ‘This Balanced Plan’, ‘Big South Strikes Again’ and ‘Heaven Knows You’re Miserable Now’. They released their debut album, ‘Devil’s Tunes: The Very Worst Of The Iain Duncan Smiths’, last week.

The album is named after Iain Duncan Smith’s 2003 novel The Devil’s Tune, which received uniformly negative critical reception.

A Downing Street spokesperson has declined to comment on the Cameron speculation although a party source says that the alleged incident was “utter nonsense”.

The book is being serialised this week by the Daily Mail. It is also claimed that Cameron was part of a “dope-smoking group” called the Flam Club who would smoke marijuana and listen to Supertramp together.