The Smiths tribute band The Iain Duncan Smiths release satirical debut album

The band are now working on a follow-up album entitled 'Me Is Murder'

The Iain Duncan Smiths have released their debut album, ‘Devil’s Tunes: The Very Worst of The Iain Duncan Smiths’.

The band is an Iain Duncan Smith-themed tribute band to The Smiths. They repurpose songs by The Smiths into satirical, political songs with titles including ‘How Soon Is NWO?’, ‘This Balanced Plan’, ‘Big South Strikes Again’ and ‘Heaven Knows You’re Miserable Now’.

The album is named after Iain Duncan Smith’s 2003 novel The Devil’s Tune, which received uniformly negative critical reception.

The album’s 15 tracks cover topics including universal credit, the bedroom tax, disability living allowance, #FakeDWPStories and data suppression.

Stream the album below:

See the album’s tracklist below:
1. ‘This Balanced Plan’
2. ‘How Soon Is NWO?’
3. ‘Heaven Knows You’re Miserable Now’
4. ‘Big South Strikes Again’
5. ‘There Is A Light That Always Goes Out’
6. ‘The Boy Paralysed On One Side’
7. ‘What Difference Does It Make (If All Our Testimonies Are Fake)?’
8. ‘Still Ill (No Sick Pay)’
9. ‘Panic (Hang You Out To Dry)’
10. ‘Priti Patel Makes Graves’
11. ‘Girlfriend In A Coma (She’s Fit For Work)’
12. ‘Hand To Mouth’
13. ‘Ask (FOI Request Denied)’
14. ‘Reel Around the Bedroom Tax’
15. ‘Suffer Little Poor Children’

The Iain Duncan Smiths make their debut live performance at The Good Ship in northwest London on Friday, September 18th. They will also soon start work on their second album ‘Me Is Murder’.

The band list their lineup as follows:
Iain ‘Psycho’ Duncan Smith (vocals, guitar, Bedroom Tax)
Iain ‘Laughing Boy’ Duncan Smith (vocals, guitar, Universal Credit)
Iain ‘The Quiet One’ Duncan Smith (vocals, guitar, Work Capability Assessments)
Iain ‘The Other Quiet One’ Duncan Smith (vocals, guitar, data suppression, xylophone)

They say talks are under way with a view to recruiting ‘Borrissey’ as a shadow fifth member.