Smiths fans rush to buy limited edition Salford Lads Club T-shirt

T-shirt features photo of band from 'Queen is Dead' shoot

Smiths fans from around the world are rushing to get their hands on a limited edition Salford Lads Club T-shirt which has gone on sale to support local young people.

The T-shirt features a famous photo of The Smiths outside the club in Ordsall, similar to the one pictured on the band’s 1986 album ‘The Queen is Dead’. Photographer Stephen Wright has licensed the picture for the club’s T-shirts until November 2015, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Money from the shirts, which cost £15 each, will be used to enable six young people from the club to go to America as part of an exchange programme linked to the Salford Sioux Project.


Amber Sanchez, a volunteer at the club said: “We have sold 60 in two days since the MEN story was published. We are running out of size medium and will have to order some more. We have orders from California, Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, and Illinois.

“Fans from France, Ireland, and Lanarkshire have also ordered them. We also sold a couple to some fans from Japan who called in person.”

The Salford Lads Club, based on the corner of Coronation Street and Ignatius Way in Salford, is a top destination for Smiths fans. It even has its own Smiths room, which was visited by UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2008.

A Smiths and Morrissey fans convention will be held at The Kings Arms pub in Salford on April 12. The event, which sees fans gather for an all-day celebration of the group and its frontman, will feature the world premiere of new play Mr Smith by playwright Colin Connor, as well as a performance by Irish tribute band These Charming Men.

Last month, former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce told NME that he thinks Morrissey should be in charge of sorting out a Christmas peace treaty. “I like that when he puts his arguments forward, there’s no flim-flam, no compromise. For that I’ve always adored him,” he said. “I became vegetarian after ‘Meat Is Murder’ in 1985. All my kids have grown up vegetarian and that was his doing.”

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