Prime Minister David Cameron defies Johnny Marr’s ban on his Smiths fandom

'I will go on and listen to The Smiths', said the PM

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he is continuing to listen to The Smiths, despite being ‘banned’ from doing so by the band’s former guitarist, Johnny Marr.

In 2010, Marr tweeted “David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don’t. I forbid you to like it,” after the politician expressed his love of the band on numerous occasions.

Morrissey then went on to praise his former bandmate over his criticism of Cameron for liking The Smiths.


However, Cameron has now told BBC News that he continues to listen to the band despite the fact that its members have been vocal in not wanting him to. Cameron said:

I’ve now got Johnny Marr and other members of the band saying I’m not able to listen to the The Smiths. When I’ve got the complete and full set, even then, I’m afraid, I will go on and listen to The Smiths.

It was confirmed this month that Johnny Marr is to be named Godlike Genius at this year’s NME Awards.

The former guitarist for The Smiths, who has also played with bands such as Modest Mouse and The Cribs in his career, will pick up the prize when he attends the NME Awards ceremony, which takes place on February 27 at its brand new home, The Troxy in east London.

Meanwhile, Thom Yorke also recently spoke out about David Cameron, saying he would “sue the living shit out of him” if he used any of his music in an election campaign.