The Smiths’ Johnny Marr designs Ray-Ban sunglasses

Former Cribs man follows custom-made Fender guitar design with his own pair of shades

The SmithsJohnny Marr has designed his own sunglasses for Ray-Ban.

The former Cribs member, who has customised his own pair of shades for the American company, said he had worn their brand of sunglasses when starting out in The Smiths and had been amongst the first retailers to sell them when he worked in a shop in Manchester.

Marr said:

When I first started in The Smiths, I wore Ray-Bans all the time. I used to work in a shop in Manchester during the early 80s, and we were the first to sell Ray-Ban. I recall I purposely ordered a pair for myself so I could be one of the few people in Manchester at the time to own a pair.

Last week, it was announced that Marr had also designed a signature guitar for Fender. The guitarist said he had “got rid of a load of unwanted stuff” on Fender’s Jaguar guitar to produce his own signature model.

Speaking about his design, he said: “It was a little difficult as I so loved the original Jags and the look of them particularly that I didn’t want to take that away from that… But there was a lot of things about them technically that were really outdated and clunky for me.”

Marr, who left The Cribs in 2011, revealed in October last year that he had been discussing making new music with his former Smiths bandmate Andy Rourke.