The Smiths’ songs turned into comic book anthology

'Unite And Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired By The Smiths' will be out in November

A selection of songs by The Smiths have been turned into a series of comic book stories.

Unite And Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired By The Smiths is being masterminded by Shawn Demumbrum, who has collated 13 artist and writer pairings, with each team taking on a different song by the Morrissey-fronted indie legends.

Featured in the book will be graphic takes on ‘Girlfriend In A Coma’ and ‘How Soon Is Now?’ and contributors include Christian Vilaire, Henry Barajas, Jeff Pina and Shelby Robertson.

The book will be unveiled at the Tuscon Comic Con on November 5-6 and rather than literal re-tellings of the stories in the songs, sees the tracks used as “an inspiration, a jumping-off point, a theme or a mood”, reports The Guardian.

Of his love for The Smiths, Demumbrum has said:

As a teen in the ’80s, one of my favourite soundtracks was the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. While training for cross country, I played the cassette over and over on my Walkman as I ran. There was always something about The Smiths‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’. It tapped into my teenage psyche, a combination of loneliness and yet hopeful optimism, that only Morrissey‘s vocals seem to capture.