The Smiths’ Johnny Marr: ‘Morrissey and I email’

Cribs guitarist says he's in contact with singer again

Johnny Marr has revealed that he and his former Smiths bandmate Morrissey are in email contact.

The Manchester legend, currently playing in The Cribs, ruled out reuniting The Smiths in an interview with the Norwich Evening News. But he said that despite falling out with the singer when the band split in 1987, there was no feud anymore.

“It’s not necessarily the case that we’re not talking,” he said. “We have email. We worked on that ‘Sound Of The Smiths’ [2008 compilation album] together. Who’s got time for a feud? Right now I have got screwdrivers inside guitars, my car broke down yesterday… I’ve got no time for a feud.”

Speaking about a possible reunion he added: “I like The Smiths‘ songs, but I like playing with two guitars and writing new songs. Unfortunately a reunion would go against both those things.”

The Cribs‘ new album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’, their first with Marr in the band, was released earlier this month (September 7).